Service Animals

Paws Upon the Cowlitz breeds and raises labradoodles to be placed as service animals/companions in homes of individuals with disabilities.

 Our Program

Our program operates in two ways:


1.  A breeder may retire into service work.  All breeders start training as service animals.  Their strengths are identified and skill training begins.  Most breeders retire at 4-6 years of age and then move on to their service animal forever homes.


2.  Young puppies are retained for service work due to a customer order -or- an exceptional pup has been identified.


*Not all of our puppies/dogs are suitable for service work.  Please see our puppy page for available pet puppies

Meet The Doodles


Hope is a four year old seizure alert dog.  She is trained to alert her owner prior to an oncoming seizure or upcoming migraine seizure.  (Hope is already in her forever home)

Cream Colored Labradoodle - Hope

Josie Jane

Josie Jane is a three year old hearing alert dog.  She is in training to recognize low tone sounds and alert her owner.  (Josie Jane has already found her forever home).

Red Colored Labradoodle - Josie

Little Mikey

Little Mikey is a two year old, training to be a mobility assistance dog.  He is currently learning how to pick up dropped objects for his owner and open doors. (Mikey has already found his forever home).

Chocolate Colored Labradoodle - Mikey

Service Animal Pricing

Service animals range in price from $10,000 to $40,000 depending on age and skill set required.  Please visit our contact page and send an inquiry if you are interested in this program.

Service Animals Deposits are $2,500 and non-refundable.